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Misioo Blue Ball Pit Balls

Misioo Blue Ball Pit Balls for Ball Pit make for a bundle of happiness for toddlers and young children. This product is especially designed to address one of the biggest concerns of parents: the safety and hygiene of their kids during playtime.
Misioo’s handmade balls are soft to touch, safe to play with, have no smell and are fun. Children of all ages love to play with them! They are super elastic and flexible, which means they won’t deform upon pressing or squeezing.
Looking for the perfect toy for your kid that’s safe and durable or both?
You will also receive a reusable bag, where you can store the balls when playtime is over. Just because there are kids in your house doesn’t mean it should look messy and disorganized!

Misioo Blue Ball Pit Balls

With these colorful balls, your kid can simply play jump and fall in a ball pit, play rolling around, or do color counting for fun! Our durable plastic balls are the ideal toy for 1-year-olds for the development of sensory abilities and coordination.
All products are tested for safety and are CE certified to give parents the much-needed peace of mind. Now, you can give yourself a break from parental duties and rest assured that your child won’t get hurt or injured playing with the ball pit balls!

Technical Description:

  • CE certified
  • Made in Poland
  • BPA-free, non-toxic materials to make our high-quality balls
  • 100% safe for children
  • The diameter of the ball: 7 cm
  • Available colors: Graphite Metallic Balls, Light Violet Balls, Pearl Balls, Turquoise Sparkle Balls, Turquoise Metallic Balls, Opalescent, Wooly White, Jeans, Black Sparkle, Transparent Sparkle, Dark Turquoise, Mustard, Ruby Pearl, Gold, Transparent, Violet, Yellow,Beige, Orange, Red, Dark Green, Light Green, Light Pink Pearl, Light Blue Pearl , Mint Pearl, Silver, Light Pink, Pink, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Blue, Turquoise, Black, Grey, White
  • A 6-month warranty

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